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Nikia J'nae: Soul, Sass, & Black Girl Magic!

A whole lot of soul, sass, and black girl magic are a few words to describe her! Meet Nikia J'nae a soulful singer on the rise of the R&B scene from Houston, TX. Nikia describes herself as " a lot of things" but mainly as someone who " cries from the soul on mental health, love, and healing. Nikia began singing in the church, at the age of five years old.

When did you begin singing? What inspires you to sing?

Nikia: I began singing when I was five, My mom put me in a choir at church, when she came to the performance, she was unaware that they gave me a lead part, and once she heard me sing she never let me stop! I'm inspired to sing by my grandmother. She was deeply rooted in spirituality and in music. I wanted to be just like her she was an actress also. What mainly inspires me to sing is my experiences and adversity in life, anything can inspire me to sing.

Are there any artists that you like to listen to or heard when you were growing up?

Nikia: When I was younger I was listening to music like I was born in the '70s but, also up to date as well. I would listen to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and the temptations. Of course, I would be jamming in my room to Destiny's Child, Ciara, Chris Brown, and Fantasia. Some of the artists that have my eye right now are H.E.R, her authenticity is so addicting and she stays true to herself.

What is your perspective in light of recent events such as the Black Lives Matter Movement? Has it affected your music or has it affected you personally? How do we move forward?

Nikia: All lives won't matter until Black Lives matter. It's definitely affected me personally, scrolling through social media, seeing that we have to go to the courts just to prove that our existence matters! The way we move forward is just to be godly and be the people that we are. Keep fighting and educate ourselves.

As a woman pursuing a career in the music industry what are some challenges that you face? Or, what are some things you try to do to change the status quo of women in the industry?

Nikia: I try to make sure I'm unapologetic as possible! Women were and still today wanted to be "seen and not heard" but we have so much knowledge and go through so much, why not let the world hear us roar!

On March 24th, of last year you released your single "6 AM", can you tell the audience what inspired you to write that and what it's about?

Nikia: 6 am was written on the conversation I had with a person I was at the time in love with in the middle of the night. We hadn't talked in a while and it was so many emotions that went on in that conversation, whether it be missing or longing for each other, anger, resentment, tension, and peace. All of these things were connected and ended at 6 am.

Lastly, what are some words of inspiration you want to share with everyone?

Nikia: Please, please, please love yourself, and make sure you know who you are, If you don't know who you are, search that within your music. However like I said love yourself!

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