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Album Review: Sammie's "Such is Life..."

After gifting us last December with his album "Everlasting", Sammie makes a return to bless our ears with his new album 'Such is Life...'. This is the first project since his 'Send Nudes' EP that was released late last year. 'Such is Life...' is also Sammie's fifth studio album.

In 'Such is Life...', Sammie reflects on his journey, both in music and life in general, and learns to accept all the things that has came along with his journey.

"I've learned that the process is what I should fall in love with, not the results. Everything good and bad has molded me into the man that I am. Roll with the punches. Live, learn, and grow."

Sammie has a song for almost every relatable event that occurs in his life. One of the first songs on the album, titled "Peace", depicts the current racial climate in our society. Sammie describes how it feels being a black man in America, and pleads for his significant other to be his peace in the midst of this tense climate. The song that follows is titled "Friend Zone", which provides a self-explanatory description for something that we all may be well familiar with: being put in the friend zone with someone that we are romantically interested in. In the song "Crash", Sammie places more emphasis on the hardships that he's experienced and the impact that it has had on his mental state. With the guest appearance of Romiti, the song "Picky" serves as a reassuring reminder to women that there is nothing wrong with being picky in terms of who they choose to be romantically involved with. The album contains many more ear-catching tunes that are relatable in different avenues. The features on the album also include singer-songwriter Tank and DJ Luke Nasty.

"Such is Life..." has a tune for almost every emotion, which makes the title for this album perfect. The album not only takes us on Sammie's journey, but it allows us to mentally travel and reflect upon our own personal journeys. The relatability, along with Sammie's soulful voice and beats, is what makes this album magical. h

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