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UniqlyTru Public Relations is a creative, boutique agency that believes in true teamwork. Specializing in results-driven strategies for independent RnB artists, entertainment & film companies, and actors. UniqlyTru is an agency for the creative. A true Georgia peach, Kia Johnson, an Athens, Ga. native and resident of Macon, founded UniqlyTru keeping in mind her true love and admiration for entertainment, storytelling and helping others.


Ignited by her mother’s dedication to the performing arts and having an upbringing with notable persons like her minor league, Baltimore Orioles player father and her major league, Cincinnati Reds player godfather and actor cousin, Kia was no stranger to entertainment and the needs for one’s career to be built and thrive. Garnering a unique blend of experiences, Johnson has seen the inner workings of the industry and media through interning with TreaDay Management & Publicity, writing for BE Entertained Magazine and working at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame all assisting cultivating a bridge between the creative and the business.


Being strategic in creating opportunities for visibility and promotions of a creative’s works, allows space for true grassroots building from one’s team and UniqlyTru. Never one for limitations, UniqlyTru is currently working as a publicist for Travis Looney,, owner of Sky’s the Limit Entertainment, LLC, creative designer for 4EvaHeartbroken by Kei, RnB artist True, and national recording artist DeP. UniqlyTru’s journey goes back to 2009 after starting an official fan club/street team for Anthony Q aka Que (Day 26) during the beginning of his solo career.

We worked as a public relations representative for Frankie and Neffeteria (mother and sister of Keyshia Cole) and marketing director for Sky's the Limit Ent. management company under the direction of their music division. Our credits and projects consist of brand ambassador, movie and play roles, and website design, and nonprofit exposure.Many of our previous and current clients have recognized our talents and skills. They have often praised us for being the best and most humble agency they have worked with.


UniqlyTru has always thrived in healing others and seeing success with the development of new artists and creative. Though this is what we do, we are fans first, and no one wants to see their favorite fail. We intend to not only see success, but to be a part of it as much as we can. UniqlyTru seeks bridge industries while bringing our blend of passion and positivity.





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