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  • Where are you located?
    We are located out of Atlanta, GA
  • How long has your company been around?
    Since 2017
  • Are you accepting new clients?
    Yes, we are always looking for new and strong brands to assist with publicity services.
  • How much does your services usually cost?
    Every client is truly unique, so we base your investment off of your custom package.
  • How do we book you CEO to speak at events?
    We are excited to work with you! Please email us at to inquire about speakin engagements.
  • How did the agency get its start?
    UniqlyTru’s journey goes back to 2009 after starting an official fan club/street team for Anthony Q aka Que (Day 26) during the beginning of his solo career. We worked as a public relations representative for Frankie and Neffeteria (mother and sister of Keyshia Cole) and marketing director for Sky's the Limit Ent. management company under the direction of their music division. Our credits and projects consist of brand ambassador, movie and play roles, and website design, and nonprofit exposure.
  • Do you accept payment plans?
    Every client's situation is unique. Please book a consultation to learn more about our payment options.
  • What are your business hours?
    Will insert


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