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Album Review: What's Your Favorite Studio? : Teyana Taylor's "The Album"

After the release of her 2018 album, K.T.S.E Teyana Taylor releases her third album entitled "The Album". Taylor takes listeners through a range of emotions as she discusses the joys and pains of being married, experiences with motherhood, and being a public figure.

Splitting her album into specific studios each representing different emotions, Teyana ensures that there is something for every listener to be able to relate to. "Like how they say there's someone for everybody, there's some type of record for each and every person you can possibly think of on this album somewhere."

The album begins with a 911 call letting the audience in on the private moments that led up to the birth of her firstborn daughter "Junie". Following up after the 911 call the song " Come back to me" plays shedding light on the complexities between the desire to stay in a relationship that she feels is worth fighting for versus letting go of the relationship due to the feeling of uncertainty her partner has given her. The song overall suggests that if their love is genuine and true somehow, they'll find their way back to each other or in this instance specifically her.

Everything worth my heart and soul

I'ma give it up and let it go

Mama said, "If it's really yours

Boy, you'll come back to me"

-Teyana Taylor

While the beginning of her album also known as "Studio A &L" is a compile of love songs, on the contrary, Studios B, U, and M speak on her self-worth, vulnerability, and eventually "Finding triumph". Songs such as "Wrong B****" and "Shoot it Up" highlights her self worth by suggesting that she is not willing to be with and tolerate someone who refuses to give the same amount of love and respect in return. Segwaying into "Studio U" with the song "Bare with me", Taylor really showcases her vulnerability in songs like "Lose Each Other" and "Still". The song "Still" specifically addresses the recent racial tension and how the cries of African Americans fighting against systemic oppression continuously aren't heard. "We're constantly crying for love, we're constantly crying for hope, we're constantly crying for peace". "It just seems like nothing is wiping our tears".

Lastly, in-studio M "finding triumph" Taylor ends her album with uplifting upbeat songs "Made It" and "We Got Love (feat. Lauryn Hill)." The song "Made It" assists in concluding the emotional journey the audience experiences throughout the album. "I think wrapping it up with 'We got Love' and 'Made It' was important because you done went through so many emotions." "And we got love at the end of it all".

It is clear that Teyana put countless amounts of time and energy into her album. Giving the listener a " Buffett of options for every mood", and her raw emotion displayed in almost every track it 's fair to say that Teyana Taylor created a classic album. I can't wait to see what comes from her next!

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