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Album Review: Brandy does not disappoint with new album “B7”

Brandy dubbed by fans as the “vocal bible” of RnB has released her seventh studio album after an 8 year hiatus. This album was released through her label, Brand Nu, Inc and eOne Music.  The title “B7” plays off this being her seventh studio album. The number 7 also has a spiritual meaning. 7 is considered the number of completeness.

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The long awaited album does not disappoint. The first track “Saving all My Love” serves as a tribute to her musical mentor Whitney Houston. As we can see the tribute on the album cover is a headpiece similar to the one Whitney had in “The Bodyguard.” She calls Whitney  “the goat” in this track and even  issues an apology for the long hiatus in her music career. Her melodic hums over the “Unconditional Oceans” discusses some issues in her past that she had to learn to heal from. She talks about sabotaging herself and not having self love. Brandy takes us on a journey through what it is like to love someone who did not provide the availability and it drove her to a dark place on the song “Borderline.” It discusses the mental toll that it takes on someone.

On “Rather Be,”  it makes us reminisce of “Full Moon,” the sultry vocals of her singing the lines of  “I rather be kissing you, baby” makes you forget all your troubles as you get loss in the beat as she pursues someone who may be playing games with her.  The duet with Daniel Casear, “Love Again” is where Brandy is at her strongest. The vocals and beat go perfect with her harmonies and runs. Daniel and Brandy are a perfect vocal pair as their voices compliment each other over the beat.

(Photo Credit: Sy’Rai Smith Instagram)

One of the most beautiful moments of the album comes when Brandy and her 18 year old daughter, Sy’Rai collaborate on the song “High Heels.” Brandy even debuts her alter ego, rapper, Brand Nu. Sy’Rai holds her own with her mom and the vocal harmonies are on point. The final song on the album “Bye Bi-Polar” is a metaphor to her saying bye to her love life and the perfect ending to the album that fans have waited so long to hear. Overall, Brandy provides us through a journey of the last 8 years of her life and how she has overcome and made it through the other side. Definitely take a chance to listen if you have not.  

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