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Album Review: The Product 3: State of Emergency Reflections displayed growth of maturity on album

Following his documentary entitled The Rise of August Alsina, R&B singer August Alsina recently released his new album The Product 3: State of Emergency containing 27 songs featuring collaborations with no other than Darrel Walls, Tink, and Yo-Gotti just to name a few. To fans this is considered a real treat after his announcement in 2019 of his battle with liver disease in which he needed to focus on his health. Sharing posts with fans via Instagram, singer August Alsina still managed to communicate his thoughts and feelings with his fans, “Illness is so humbling, and I often find myself singing this song of affirmation to myself every day. So, I figured I’d share that same love, affirmation and motivation with yall, whoever may need it.” (Sept. 23, 2020 via Instagram). This album definitely delivers that same message through each song as Alsina expresses himself through each melody and lyric.

The album opens with NOLA, a song in which Alsina sings about his past lifestyle back in New Orleans Louisiana, where he’s originally from. This track digs deep into Alaina’s past and how he’s grown from where he started. Lyrics “Sayin' that I was a mad man, caught up in the lifestyle. If you knew the old me like my friend, you would tell me what they say. Keep changin', we don't want him. Keep that guy in your past (I said we don't want that). Progress is a process (We don't want you to relapse) The young n***** want the old thing back” give a feeling of affirmation almost like watching a rose grow from concrete, you can tell his heart went into each line. Following suit, tracks “Rounds”, “lessons”, “deliver us”, and “RRR (Real Recognize Real)” flow with August Alsina’s messages towards working for his success, keeping his integrity through it all, and gratefulness for everything.

Further into the album the mood changes from passion of the hustle to his passion for the ladies. Song “Feeling”digs into a male’s honesty of relationship issues as he sings “oh what a feeling” brought from the help of a female friend’s advice. As the song continues you almost feel as if you’re reading his diary with the openness of his words. Alsina’s use of subtle bass and rhythms, gives his almost too familiar laid back and mellow vibes of seduction throughout the rest of the album with songs “Perfect Strangers”, “Soon as I walk in ft. Tink”, “Longer”, and many more.

There wasn’t much negative feedback from this album. There is definitely a sign of maturity and growth through R&B singer August Alsina’s voice and use of melodies. This album is versatile as it gives a little something both to the fellas and the ladies. From start to finish, with its smooth transitions it is definitely worth listening to on cruise control.

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