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God is a Genius and So is Kevin Ross

Listen up, come closer. I have some news; you must check out Kevin Ross’ new single! Due to the title, one may be led to believe that this track is going to be spreading the word of Jesus. However, it's a bop just in time to the summer. Get ready to turn your speakers up and listen to Kevin croon over this sultry tune. He sings, “God must be a genius or me and you wouldn’t be here”.  In a time where there are so many songs degrading women, this song is a breath of fresh air. You won't be able to stop listening once you press play.

The melody is reminiscent of that early 2000s R&B. While Kevin’s voice gives young Michael Jackson. This combination cannot fail because it simply results in feel-good music. Kevin Ross does not disappoint and has a bright future ahead. If you are a fan of music, then you will be a fan of Kevin Ross. 

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