N@elle, N@elle!: Meet N@elle from New Jersey!

This week's UniqMusicMedia artist spotlight is a rapper and R&B singer-songwriter from New Jersey, named Noelle! Born and raised in Asbury Park, New Jersey, got her start in music back in 2017 after moving back with family and suffering from depression. Each day she began to write songs and before she knew it had 25 songs written. From there on she continued to pursue her music and in 2017 released her debut project called "Taurus Moon A". She would later on move to Texas "in need of change" continuing her music career in Dallas networking with many different artists and performing at several different showcases and open mics. Recently, in 2020, she has released two new singles called "Tendency" and "Yum Yum". Later on this year in November she plans to release another EP!

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