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Behind The Artist: Da Skribe Jehuty

The Government name of Da Skribe Jehuty (Skribe for short) is DeJuan Shears (now Sr). He took on the attribute in college during the early 90’s. He learned in his Afrikan History class that a Scribe in Ancient Kemet (bka known as Egypt) was a very noble and prestigious position to hold in that society. Skribe’s “Knowledge of Self” transformation took root in the Spring Semester of 92 in that Afrikan History class, and being deprogrammed from the many lies and falsehoods of Western Civilization was at the forefront of this evolution.

Skribe’s initial style of Hip Hop music was strictly Conscious Rap. His influences back then were Public Enemy, X Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, Brand Nubians, and the likes there of. He recorded a demo tape that would generate a buzz which led to an offer from a major label to record another demo at the legendary D&D Studio in NYC. But unfortunately, nothing substantial became of that venture so Skribe decided to “Hang Up Da Mic” and retired in the late 90’s.”

Fast forward 15 years later, 2013 to be exact, Skribe had an epiphany to come out of retirement to record and EP. He was motivated by the many careers that were being launched due to the invention of the internet WITHOUT the help (or need) of a record label. So, with a lot to say and a new found vigor, Skribe went back into the studio to create an EP. He had plans of creating videos for his strongest tracks but that never came to fruition due to life issues and procrastination, so once again he decided to take another hiatus.

However, in 2016 the unthinkable happened, Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election!!! Skribe once again found new vigor and motivation to come out of retirement. In 2017 Skribe decided to write a song that he would use as a motivational tool that would hopefully inspire more people to vote during the mid-term elections. But as fate would have it, life issues and procrastination kicked up again causing Skribe to put a hold on making the video. But three short years later, current events in America would pull Skribe out of retirement once again to create the video for his 2017 song “Make America Better,” and this time he crossed the finish with an epic musical product in tow!!!

In closing, the driving force behind Skribe’s desire to promote his song/video “Make America Better” to viral status is that he wants to add value to this Global Movement for Change when it comes to inequality and injustice for Black and Brown people. Skribe isn’t concerned with obtaining a record deal with his work. Skribe is ONLY concerned with “Doin’ Da Work Required for Change!!!”

Watch the critically acclaimed music video "Make America Better" by DaSkribe Jehuty at the direct YouTube link above.

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