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These days when it comes to female emcees and women rappers, there seems to be oceans of songs geared towards the wanna-be Instagram models, "baddies", and even..... Social Media THOTs unfortunately. From Nicki, to Cardi to Megan Thee Pony and anyone we may have missed in between it seems that every recording artist with a double X chromosome creates music geared specifically to women that watch Maury like a Daytime Gameshow titled "Who's the Daddy", eat Crab Legs and snap their fingers while saying "Periodddtttt" (with the hard T on the end). Ultimately there is nothing wrong with pandering to the crowd that supports you the most, but the average everyday woman need songs too! Luckily there is an emcee that has seen the demand for music that represent the rest of the hard working women in the world and that emcee is Kula Voncille.

Kula Voncille makes music for the "real women", the down to earth women you see in your day to day lives, the women that have teenage or grown children, the Soccer moms, the hard working ladies at the office, the aunties, the round the way homegirls, the women that post memes about "doing them" and "focusing on me" after a bad break up and all the unrepresented women in the middle who help make the world go round. Kula Voncille is the people's champ and she makes lots of amazing music that the Everywoman can relate to, songs such as "Hobosexual" and "Mrs. Sandman" to name a few (which are available on Spotify). Don't take our word for it, just listen for yourself.

Now don't get it twisted, although Kula's core audience consists of the everyday woman going through life, you don't have to have a vagina to vibe with Kula's music. Many men can respect and feel Kula Voncille as she is not just a dope female artist, she's a dope artist "periodddtttt" (with the hard T on the end).

Get more information on Kula Voncille by visiting her official website at

Kula Voncille's latest EP BARS AND BROWS is now available to stream on SPOTIFY

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