Reminisce on Good Times and Feel Good Vibes

Have you ever watched a music video that just gave you an unexplainable feeling while watching? However, after you finally finish the video a feeling of admiration as well as nostalgia comes over. Those are the feelings I received from watching the talented WOULF'S

Video titled “Heart in it.” Admiration is the first word that came to my mind because the artist’s facial expressions and hand movements were something to watch out for. As he raps his lyrics his hand movements and expressions help to spread the message of the song. I could tell he means business and that he takes his craft seriously. I had no choice but to be mesmerized by the video. One part I absolutely loved was the setting. I must note that the video has two settings. A laundromat and a beach. Seeing the artist and his beautiful co-star on the beach brought the feeling of nostalgia through my body. Growing up I went to the beach occasionally and it was always a peaceful place for me, seeing the beach in the video took me back to that. I suddenly remember watching the sunset and watching the waves crash on the shore as a little girl. If you want to be motivated and feel good at the same time, I advise that you watch this music video. The vibes from this video will have you feeling great all day.

Catch up with WOULF on Instagram: @LONGLIVEWOULF

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