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Matry Mayhem: Why Matry is the Next Big Thing Out of the UK

There's a new rising star in the music scene and he goes by Matry. I assure you, checking out this UK Drill artist will not leave you disappointed. Thanks to Pop Smoke’s popularity here in the United States we have now grown to be familiar with the Drill sound. Yet, Matry has the originality of his own.

His single “Round Here” has already reached over a hundred thousand views on YouTube. While Matry’s newer single, “Round the Clock” is quickly gaining traction as well. There’s no denying that he will be someone who has along-lasting career.

Remember who put you on, when you see him on the charts! Look out for him and be sure to check him out on SoundCloud too. Matry can be found on Twitter as @AxsomNelson and Instagram as @offiicialMatry

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