Life on Earth: Summer Walker EP

Summer Walker releases her 2020 Ep "Life On Earth" taking the audience through a range of emotions by capturing the ups and downs of a relationship. The EP begins with the song "Let It Go".

“Let It Go” captivates the feeling of both betrayal and confusion, as Summer questions the character and intentions of her partner throughout the relationship. Summer insinuates that she was too “blinded by love” to realize who her significant other actually was.

“What have you become? “Matter of fact, nah that’s what you been. “I was blind, I was blind.”

Similar to the hook, towards the end of the song, Summer comes to the conclusion to “Let it Go” or in other words let the relationship go for the sake of her mental peace and happiness.


Contrary to Let It Go, the next song on the “Life On Earth” EP “SWV” speaks to loving someone to a certain extent so that they won’t leave. The Song takes spin on the classic R&B group SWV referencing their hit songs “Weak” and “Rain” throughout the duration of the song.

“But I love to feel so weak in the knees, oh like SWV.” “ I love it raining on me,”

My Affection

The next song “My Affection” Summer addresses the past romantic interest by stating how once they were considered a “trophy” by many. Now that Summer has grown or evolved into a “trophy” herself her past love interests now want to pursue her. “I’ma trophy back when I wasn’t nothing you was a trophy.”

White Tee

In the song “White Tee” Summer collaborates with artist NO1-NOAH as the two compare how they desire to be treated in a relationship to the treatment of white tees. In the song, Noah expresses how he wants to be handled with care. “ Don’t get me dirty, love on me”. Summer responds as she opposes Noah’s standard of treatment by saying “Jump on me, mess up your white tee,..... I’ll do you dirty”. The two do a great job of contrasting each other’s treatment during a relationship. Though both Summer and Noah have a difference of opinion, both equally want to be treated with love just as a white tee.


The last song on Summer’s EP Deeper displays Summer’s lack of desire to be vulnerable with her partner after they don’t display signs of wanting to take their love deeper. In the song, Summer expresses how she still chooses to go back to her partner despite their shortcomings. “Emotions im open not the type to double back twice but you had me running back.”

In conclusion, Summer Walker’s new EP is a perfect song to listen to whether, you’re alone in the midst of the quarantine or in the midst of a relationship that has you “doubling back twice.”

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