Jerel Duren creates a soulful anthem for the movement

With the rise of social media trends and slang deriving from Black culture and AAVE (African American vernacular English), the world seems to have an obsession with observing and imitating Black culture but not Black lives. Jerel Duren calls them out. R&B crooner Jerel Duren, aka ‘JD’, releases a soulful tune amidst one of the nation’s most historical racial movements. Duren’s new single “Culture”, released on July 26th 2020, serves as a theme song for microaggressions and frustrations dealt with in the daily lives of Black people. Duren’s passion for spreading awareness about Black culture and key figures responsible for its progression is not a newfound hobby. In 2019, photo recreations done by Duren and friends honoring the 60th anniversary of Berry Gordy Jr. went viral. After gathering friends and fellow professionals, iconic artists such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, the Supremes, and Angela Davis; a heartfelt tribute to these Black legends and more were created.

The newly released music video for the summertime single “Culture” includes Black culture staples through hairstyle, decor, clothing, and jewelry. Jerel provides a look into the vast range of the different ways that Black people look, behave, and live, all while circling back to his new hometown Los Angeles. A pleasantly surprising feature is the video’s inclusivity of dark skin Black women. The constant inclusion of dark skin Black women, absent of stereotypes, gives viewers a refreshing appreciation for their skin color while the world battles against it.

By telling his story through captivating R&B vibes and powerful lyrics, Jerel Duren is a fresh solo artist with nothing but chart topping potential. With a classically trained voice and experience with notable artists such as Kanye West and Childish Gambino, Duren’s voice is a necessity for any playlist. 

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