Energy, Confidence, & Dance!: Meet Paula Bearden, CEO of Zeal Dance Force!

Whatever we choose to do in life, it is important that we give it our all! Our determination, work ethic, and self-confidence help us to stand apart from everyone else. Though self- confidence plays a key role in success, it is not always easy to obtain especially when confidence is not instilled in an individual from an early age. Paula Bearden, CEO of Zeal Dance Force Inc, does just that by getting "dancers comfortable in their own skin" and "pulling out their personalities".

1.) Where did you get your inspiration to start Zeal Dance Force? What does Zeal Dance force stand for?

"I got my inspiration from the dance company I grew up in and the dance company I worked for out of college (both were owned by the same people). I don’t think I was any older than 10 yrs old when I decided I was going to have my own company one day.

Zeal means to have great energy and or enthusiasm, this is what sets great dancers apart from everyone else. Energy makes the dance when you are performing you have to give all the energy you got! This is what Zeal Dance Force stands for giving all you got on the floor!"


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