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Black Business Monday : Curls Galore!

In light of recent events and the continuous desire to support black-owned businesses, many consumers have come to the realization that the products they've been purchasing are in fact not black-owned. Specifically, hair companies such as "Cantu" and "Shea Moisture" were hot topics this past week. Many African American consumers predominantly women, were made aware of the origin of the products they've grown accustomed to using.

Given, this new awareness across social media platforms a list of other black-owned hair products has been brought to light such as Camille Rose. Camille Rose a black-owned natural hair care company, was launched in 2012 and is owned by Janell Stephens a hardworking mother of five. Janell began in her kitchen in Louisiana originally making skincare products. She continuously made her products off of the premise that "Whatever you put on your body should be good enough to go in it". Janell's standard alone assisted her in standing out from the competition in the beauty industry eventually leading her to launch a line of skincare products in 2012. That same year Janelle became involved in the online retail industry selling her products "at over 100 Target stores nationwide".

With persistence and determination, Camille Rose is able to be purchased at 300,000 locations including large retail chains such as Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond. Along with Camille Rose, there are other notable black-owned natural hair companies such as " T-Gin, Kinky-Curly, and Twisted Sista! Though it may be hard for some to stop purchasing and using the products they've grown so accustomed to, it's never hard to consistently support black girl magic! I encourage everyone to not only buy Camille Rose but, learn about the incredible woman behind it!


Stephens, "Meet Our Founder" Camille Rose,2020, accessed June 22, 2020,

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